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Customers can now manage their HVAC services online.  Once an account is set up, customers can place a service call, view status, and manage their siteís accounting.  Contact our office to get set up today!!

i-Vu CCN

Compact. Powerful. Intuitive. Just a few words that describe Carrierís new state-of-the art web appliance, i-Vu. i-Vu ofers total control of your Carrier system from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser. With i-Vu, itís simple to accomplish all of the essential building management functions. View system status easily through dynamic equipment graphics and foor plans. Set and view schedules and setpoints using superb graphical controls. And, stay informed of important building conditions through i-Vuís powerful trending and alarming capabilities.

Donít let i-Vuís small size fool you. Ask your Carrier representative for a feature-rich demonstration today. With i-Vu, superior building performance and a complete Carrier solution are only a small step away!

Key Features and Benefits
  • Compact, lightweight, and fully compatible with all Carrier Comfort Network (CCN) systems
  • View and control your Carrier system from anywhere in the world using a standard web browser or WAP-enabled device
  • Robust user interface offers dynamic comfort indicators on floor plans and real-time, interactive equipment graphics
  • Automatic trending provides a clear history of important building conditions. Graphically set, change, and view system schedules and setpoints
  • Investigate and troubleshoot system problems with ease using i-Vuís intuitive alarm viewer
  • Standard reports for audit log, effective schedules, and equipment checkout
  • Password-restricted access and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) with 128-bit encryption for security
System Navigation
i-Vuís navigation tree makes system navigation a breeze. Access graphics, properties, schedules, alarms, trends, and reports for any piece of equipment by pointing-and-clicking in the navigation tree.

Floor Plan Graphics
i-Vuís superb floor plan graphics display the status of multiple zones from a single view. Dynamic color ovals are provided as a standard means for providing a visual representation of the comfort level in each zone. Temperature values, zone names, and links to zones are automatically created for ease of navigation. Clicking on a color oval will allow you to zoom in on an individual zone for closer examination.

Equipment Graphics
i-Vuís animated, interactive, and intuitive equipment graphics are just part of the package. Adjust setpoints via editable fields and graphical controls directly on the graphic. Real-time status values are updated regularly without having to refresh the page.

Flexible Scheduling
i-Vuís superior scheduling interface is both graphical and hierarchical in nature. Define or view occupied, unoccupied, holiday, or override schedules by simply pointing and clicking to an area or piece of equipment in the navigation tree. Schedules are entered via intuitive graphical sliders and can be applied to areas such that all equipment underneath that area uses the same schedule. Schedule groups can be defined for added flexibility.

Alarm Management
i-Vuís powerful alarming capabilities allow you to see alarm events in your entire system from a single screen. View, acknowledge, print, or delete alarms with ease. Search for specific alarms based on time and date. Send an e-mail, print, play an audio file, or pop-up a message when an alarm occurs. Alarms are easily sorted by date, type, or incident, allowing you to respond quickly to critical alarms while filtering out nuisance alarms. A system-wide alarms button is always present and changes color based on severity of alarms in the system.

Historical Trending
i-Vuís automatic trending capabilities mean that a history of your equipmentís operation is being saved every 20 minutes without any special setup. Trends can be easily modified to sample at a different interval or on change of value instead. Trends are automatically stored for the last 7 days. Generate trend graphs for individual points, or view multiple points on one graph. Create a comparison trend graph that allows you to display up to four different trend graphs on the same page. Use arrow keys to pan the trend graph in different directions, or the Page Up/Down keys to zoom in and out on specific data. Copy trend data from the graph and paste it into Excel. With i-Vuís extensive trend capabilities, troubleshooting your system has never been easier.